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We help women in cases of violence.

We are listening to you.

We support you.

We won't tell you anything else.

About us

The association Frauen helfen Frauen im Landkreis Kassel e. V. was founded in 1992.
We speak openly about violence against women.
We advise and support women who are affected by violence.
Violence is multifaceted: there is physical, psychological and sexual violence.

Every woman has the right to a violence-free and self-determined life!
Every child has the right to a violence-free upbringing and support!


How to reach us

We are available for you. We will advise and help you.

Telefonische Beratung
Frauen zusammen

Preparing for the move

If you have to leave your home, please remember the following .
It is best to collect important papers, ID cards and certificates in a safe place.
The most important papers and things:


Take the original, a photocopy or a photo with your mobile phone

  • Identity card, confirmation of registration, passport
  • own birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Certificates
  • Savings books
  • Health insurance card
  • Social security card / other work documents
  • Personal mementos (photos, heirlooms)
  • Important medications

If you are taking children with you:


  • Birth certificate
  • Child passport
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Children's savings accounts
  • Child examination booklet (U1 - U9)
  • Favourite cuddly toy, toy
  • Personal mementos (photos, heirlooms)
  • Important medications
Frauen helfen Frauen im Landkreis Kassel

Why us?

We do not judge anyone. We are there for you if you need help. We support you.


We are dependent on donations and appreciate any support.
You can find all information about donations here.